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  • SOAPAN SANTUN - From Used Oil to Soap

    From Used Oil to Soap

    "The best part about making this dishwashing soap is the fact that we are doing a part for the environment and making cleaning so much more fun and effortless."

    Anna, Founder of Soapan Santun
  • Washes grease really well

    Hi, I'd like to feedback on the soapan santun multipurpose soap today. I really like how it washed down all the grease and yet gentle on the hands. It is so easy to rub a loofah against the bar soap and wash away! Today my toddler played with the bicycle chain.. all the grease were all over his fingers. I went straight with the soap to wash his little hands, all the grease came off with a single wash! Previously I needed to wash few rounds and rub vigorously with the usual liquid hand soap..

    A regular from MINIMIZE Zero Waste Store
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