2023 donation update:

In March 2023 this year, we contacted The Lost Food Project to work on a campaign together. We have received a lump sum of supposedly "expired" cocoa butter from our supplier—only the cocoa butter was still in pristine condition to be turned into soaps.

As this was an upcycling project, we found it to be fitting to collaborate with The Lost Food Project, an NGO that values "lost food", diverting them from landfills to plates of the ones who need them the most.

We pledged to donate 20% to TLFP for every Upcycled Cocoa Butter sold.

The campaign ran in conjunction with Ramadan and then a whole month after that. By the end of May, we donated RM200.40 to TLFP based on the sales we made in the period of 1 month.

To those who contributed and supported the cause, thank you!


2021 & 2022 donation update:

2022 was a year of growth and discovery.

When we first launched Soapan Santun, we made a promise to ourselves to make it a tradition to donate to NGOs with a good cause on Christmas. 

Christmas should be a time of joy and light. So as friends and family gather around to exchange gifts under Christmas trees, we should be made aware that there are also groups that are struggling to even put food on the table.

In 2021, we reached out to Lighthouse Children, and by the end of December, we donated RM1,300, 20% of our total sales to them.

This year in 2022, after an insightful chat with Tina, a long-term social worker from Malaysian CARE, we caught a glimpse of how Malaysian CARE works and the marginalized groups they reach out to.

We hopped on a call with Keith, another social worker from Malaysian CARE, and tried to dive deeper into getting to understand which aspects of their organization needed the most funds, to which Keith replied, “The administration.”

It made sense.

An NGO cannot run without its social workers.

Malaysian CARE helps the poor and needy regardless of faith or ethnicity. They focus on community empowerment, aim for long-term development, and see themselves as equal partners with the people that they serve. 

They provide integrated services where Malaysia’s poorest are concentrated in and serve:

  • The Rural and Urban Poor
  • Those affected by Crime, Substance Abuse & HIV/AIDS
  • People with Special Needs 

Without adequate funds to run the administration, it would only be a huge hurdle for Tina, Keith, and the team to reach out to marginalized groups. 

With great joy, we would like to announce that we have managed to raise RM3,600 for Malaysian CARE this year.

This would not have been possible without the love and support of all of you, so THANK YOU!

We did it, everyone!

With love,

Anna and Louis