Planting Seeds of Change with AIESEC UPM

Planting Seeds of Change with AIESEC UPM

At Soapan Santun, our core values are rooted in three pillars: ecology, the marginalized, and youth. This time around, we have decided to accept AIESEC UPM's invitation to join them in their Clean Our Plate project.

A little bit about AIESEC:

AIESEC is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political, youth-run organization in Malaysia and worldwide.

We really believe the young people in AIESEC UPM can make big changes in how we take care of the environment in Malaysia. That's why we wanted to team up with them again. Last time we worked together, our little studio got really crowded with over 21 people, and it got too hot with all of us there. This time, AIESEC UPM suggested we use the UPM cafeteria because it's much bigger and more comfortable for everyone.

Planting Seeds of Change with AIESEC UPM

There were less than 10 students with us this round, and we began the session with a slide that we had prepared before the workshop. We covered the bases on why used cooking oil is bad for the environment, ways to reuse cooking oil, and a quick theoretical run-through on how soap is made.

UPM Students Making UCO Soap

Before we dived into the hands-on part, we explained a little about the tools and equipment that we would be using for the workshop and how those tools play a part in making soap.

After a quick demo, the students were already eager to start making soap. They snapped on their gloves, put on their face masks, and got to work. In less than 30 minutes, most of them had poured their soap batter into the molds and went on to wash the equipment. The session ended with instructions on how the participants could cut and cure the soaps after the workshop.

Group photo with AIECES UPM

After the session, the youths went out to conduct a school workshop and exhibition at Hua Xia Private School and Sekolah Indonesia Kuala Lumpur all on their own, teaching what they learned, doing a much better job than us at reaching wider audiences. 

AIECES UCO Worshop in Schools

This collaboration was proven successful. Working with AIESEC UPM reaffirmed our belief in the potential of young people to drive positive change in environmental sustainability. If you prefer to watch the video instead, check out this TikTok video here.

Anna accepting certificate from AIESEC UPM