Soapan Santun ESG Gift

Our Impact & Commitment

Soapan Santun prioritizes sustainable values to support corporate gifting while fulfilling ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) needs. By minimizing the use of traditional plastic and bubble wraps and offering package-free options, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Our efforts extend to using recyclable packaging, where materials such as egg trays, used papers, and excess cardboard are utilized, promoting reuse and recycling. Additionally, our cold-processed soaps are fully biodegradable, breaking down harmlessly in sewers. Packaging such as cut-out borders from kraft paper labels, jute strings, and baby’s breath stems are fully composted in our garden, fostering a sustainable approach to packaging and waste management.

Our Impact

Past Collaborations

At Soapan Santun, we have partnered with numerous brands, collaborating closely to craft ESG-driven soap favors tailored for their events. Each piece of soap at Soapan Santun undergoes meticulous handcrafting and a rigorous 4-week curing process. Our dedicated team designs and prints labels in-house, ensuring attention to detail at every step. The final touch involves delicate hand-tying and the addition of baby's breath, enhancing the soap's aesthetic appeal through our labor-intensive efforts. 

Soapan Santun's Collaboration

To Place An Order

To place an order, reach out to our team on WhatsApp and engage in a discussion about your company's sustainable gifting needs. We can collaborate on designs, themes, and label concepts, and even incorporate your logo, ensuring a personalized and environmentally conscious approach to your gifting requirements.

Soapan Santun Whatsapp

Step 1: Reach out to our team on WhatsApp


Step 2: Discuss your sustainable gifting needs and soap designs


Step 3: Receive an invoice and place a deposit to secure your order


Step 4: Production (4 weeks)


Step 5: Provide label details and company logo


Step 6: Deliver