Turning Trash to Treasure with Pink Unity of National Cancer Society of Malaysia

Turning Trash to Treasure with Pink Unity of National Cancer Society of Malaysia

Soapan Santun was invited to conduct a workshop on making soap from used cooking oil for Pink Unity, a focus group for women cancer survivors, under the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM).

Just a day before Mother's Day, 20 strong and beautiful ladies turned up for the workshop, which went on for 3 hours, an hour longer than we anticipated. They were curious, excited, keen to learn, and so full of life.

We began the session with self-introductions, and questions were already pouring in even before the demonstration. Anna asked the ladies how they had been disposing of their used cooking oil, and some of them were already exchanging oils for cash, but they wished to do more.

Anna explaining slide

The ladies were interested to know if all the used cooking oils they had at home were suitable for turning into soap, as there were many types of oils. They were also advised not to use the soap for washing their bodies but only for cleaning household items due to hygiene reasons. 

The workshop covered and placed important emphasis on lye safety and handling, and the ladies were extra meticulous when making their batter.

Anna soap making demo

There was laughter and banter, a perfect opportunity to build bonds and foster friendships. By the end of the workshop, they each got to bring home at least 300 grams of soap, waiting for another 4 weeks for it to cure before they could enjoy the fruits of their labour.

UCO Workshop for Pink Unity of National Cancer Society

We have never felt more thrilled and alive to teach; those three hours went by in the blink of an eye. Equipped with their newfound knowledge in soap making, these ladies were ready to take on the next challenge in life. It is also safe to say that we made some really meaningful connections in just three short hours. If you prefer to watch the video instead, check out this Instagram video here.

Thank you, Pink Unity, for having Soapan Santun to conduct this workshop for you!